How to recognize a failed root canal? 6 key signs

concept of man in pain after failed root canal

A root canal is a standard dental treatment. It is necessary when the innermost portion of your tooth, the pulp, is infected or injured. It is highly effective and can preserve your natural tooth. Common reasons for a root canal include deep decay or an injured tooth. Root canals are highly effective procedures. However, in … Read more

Is My Tooth Dead?

Our teeth are vital to our overall health, yet poor oral hygiene is incredibly common. One possible side effect of poor oral hygiene is the death of your teeth. Now you wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t think of your teeth as living parts of your body. The truth is that blood vessels and nerves … Read more

Can a Tooth Injury Cause an Infection?

Can a tooth injury cause an infection? An injured tooth is always a potential risk for infection. Both a fracture and a cavity can break through your protective enamel. It can go past the dentin and into the pulp of your tooth. This pulp houses the blood vessels and nerve endings that connect your tooth … Read more