Tooth loss can have both a physical and an emotional toll on you. Not only can you feel less confident in your smile, but the structure of your jaw can begin changing. Fortunately, there are durable and reliable means of replacing lost teeth, such as dental implants. These natural-looking tooth replacements can bring your smile back to a healthy and bright appearance. When you visit the best dentist Burbank has to offer, you can expect a brighter smile to be around the corner.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root onto which is attached a replacement tooth. These replacement teeth are a solution to replace missing teeth as they serve as a foundation for bridges or crowns. A dental implant is usually a post made of titanium that embeds in the jawbone below the gum line.
Not only do they provide a cosmetic benefit, but they prevent changes in your jaw caused by missing teeth. All in one, they provide both physical and psychological benefits.

Are There Advantages Of Getting Implants?

Dental implants have many fantastic benefits for patients suffering from tooth loss. If you are missing a tooth (or even several), then this procedure could bring you some significant benefits. Some incredible advantages implants provide are:
  • Beautiful aesthetics. Implants have a very natural and comfortable look. Nobody will know you have replacement teeth when you smile.
  • Better communication and speech. Before implants, patients had to use dentures to replace missing teeth. Dentures have tendencies to slip around and are generally inconvenient. These slips would often cause patients to mumble or have slurred speech.
  • Ability to enjoy any foods. Since implants feel and function like natural teeth, there are no food restrictions. You can even freely eat hard and tough food.
  • Boosted confidence and positive self-esteem. Patients can smile with confidence again — no more worries about others seeing a missing tooth. We believe no one should feel like they need to hide their smile.
  • Amazing durability. Implants can last many years, even decades. When cared for properly, they can be a lifelong solution to tooth loss.
  • Hassle-free experiences. Implants have no extra maintenance requirements as bridges or dentures have. While they need care, it can simply be like caring for your natural teeth.

Are There Any Limitations?

With their surgical nature, getting implants does require some commitment and time. Though not health-related, other disadvantages of implants include costs and a multi-step process. However, we provide several options for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges are a popular means of replacing one or more teeth quickly and efficiently.
During your consultation, we will help you weigh the benefits of dental implants to see if they are right for you.

What is the process of Dental Implants?

After the initial consult and exam, the next step is to start the process of adding your dental implants. Implant designs help to improve the appearance of your smile and restore the full function of your bite. The first step is inserting a thin titanium rod into the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth.
This titanium rod acts as an artificial root for the dental crown, keeping it securely in place. Patients must have enough jawbone density and good oral health for this step. Patients who do not have sufficient jawbone density may need to undergo a bone graft. The bone graft will help provide a more stable foundation to receive the implant.
Once the implants are in place, the titanium rod fuses with the jaw and becomes a permanent part of your mouth. A temporary crown is worn during this time to fill the space of the missing tooth. Once fusion occurs, the crown can switch with your custom-fitted permanent crowns.
The result of the implant is a replacement tooth that functions as the rest of your natural teeth. This result means the implant not only enhances your smile cosmetically but also improves your ability to chew and speak. They will be comfortable and realistic enough that, over time, some patients tend to forget they have a replacement tooth at all.

Am I a good candidate for Dental Implants?

You are usually a right candidate for dental implants when you have any teeth missing. Ideal candidates should also have:
  • Sufficient jawbone density to support.
  • Good overall health.
  • Healthy gums.
During the initial consultation, Dr. Artur Arkelakyan will perform an oral exam. He will then determine if dental implants are the right option for you. Even if you are determined not to have enough jawbone density, you can have a bone graft. This straightforward procedure allows you to develop more bone mass, so you can support the implants safely.
If you are missing most of your teeth, it might be better to try dentures. However, there is a modern method of using implants to secure dentures in your mouth. With this technique, you can avoid the slipping and sliding of traditional dentures.

How Long Do Implants Last?

With good oral hygiene, patients can expect their implants to last a lifetime. For starters, the implant itself will fuse to your jawbone. This fusion creates a permanent foundation and solution for your missing tooth. Teeth implants come from very durable materials like titanium. They will be able to withstand the typical day to day activities healthy teeth go through.

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