What is an Emergency Dentist?

At Coastland Dental, we can provide emergency dental services for when you simply cannot wait. Our emergency dentist’s office understands the urgency of immediate dental care, and we are ready to help you when the unexpected happens. For this reason, we offer same-day emergency appointments to provide the care you need when you need it.

If you believe you have a dental emergency, contact Coastland Dental now. Our emergency dentist provides same-day emergency appointments. We have early morning and later afternoon appointments for your convenience. Our trusted and reliable dentist will help get you through this emergency.

Going To Emergency Dental Office Vs. ER

ER doctors, while skilled with health emergencies, aren’t teeth specialists. If there is bleeding, the ER can help stop it, but they won’t be able to do any tooth restoration work. You might be out of danger, but you could still risk losing a tooth or facing dental issues.
Likewise, if you show up the ER with tooth pain, they can provide you with pain relief. However, the ER won’t be able to find out what’s the original cause of your pain if it’s non-trauma based. You might feel better, but the problem will be waiting once the pain medication runs its course.
To get to the root of the problem and save your tooth, seeing an emergency dentist will be best. You will still need to see the dentist after an ER visit. Receiving emergency dental care from the get-go will save you valuable time and money.

Emergency Dentist Visits

During an emergency dentist visit, Dr. Arkelakyan will provide the same quality care you receive during regular dental visits. The main difference is that you will receive the care right away. There are two prevalent indicators that your situation might be a dental emergency, and we cover them below.
Dr. Arkelakyan will provide the same type of quality care you receive during regular dental visits. Two common and pressing issues our trusted dentist will address are:

Tooth Damage

This type of dental emergency truly comes out of nowhere. One moment your teeth are fine, the next something has happened and you need an emergency dentist.
When accidents do occur, your teeth can get damaged. Common causes of tooth injuries include: Car accidents, workplace injuries, or sports activities.
These sudden emergencies can lead to chips, cracks, and fractures. The worse case would be the actual tooth loosening or popping out. And each of these demands quick treatment. The faster it is taken care of, the more likely you will be able to fully restore the tooth.

Tooth Pain

At Coastland Dental, treating patients with toothaches is very routine for us. Our office has helped many patients get pain relief from debilitating tooth pain.
Besides trauma, sudden toothaches can be a sign of lingering infection. If you’re noticing a hot or cold sensitivity, discoloring of your teeth, or abscess, call us right away. Waiting on the pain to subside can cost you in the long run. Delaying treatment can lead to the infection spreading.
When infections spread, the bacteria will not only cause pain but tooth weakening. Weak teeth are very susceptible to fractures. When a fracture occurs, your tooth will need an extraction.
Don’t try to wait out the pain. If severe pain suddenly seems to disappear, it can actually be a sign that the infection has killed the tooth. That’s why it is best to call in as soon as you notice significant pain. If the pain keeps you from going about your day as normal, you may have a dental emergency on your hands.

Immediate Restoration

Imagine chipping your tooth the day before a wedding, or cracking one right before a big interview. We’re here for you. For damage resulting in chips, cracks, or fractures, we offer immediate restoration.
To help heal this type of injury, our office uses dental bonding. The bonding material is a tooth-colored resin. Our skilled dentist can place the resin over the damaged areas — molding and shaping the resin to hide and seal the tooth damage. If the damage is more extensive, there are veneers and crowns to help.
If your tooth is knocked out, we can provide emergency dental care for that as well. You must call and bring your tooth in immediately! Don’t try to put it back in yourself.
We recommend you rinse and transport your tooth in a cup of milk while coming to the office. With immediate treatment, it’s possible to place the tooth back in place. If your tooth can’t be saved, our trusted and reliable dentist will discuss other options. Dental bridges or dental implants can be an excellent replacement for your missing tooth.