What is Tooth Extraction?

At Coastland Dental, we believe in saving your teeth first. Yet, there will be times when the best option to preserve your oral health is a tooth extraction. As an emergency dentist, we don’t want to extract any teeth unnecessarily and always pursue other possible options. As a preferred method of treatment, our office will always try to restore a tooth before pulling it. But if you need a tooth extraction in Burbank, Coastland Dental is here to provide a low-stress and comfortable experience.

Are Extractions Really Painful?

Knowing you need an extraction can be stressful enough, so we aim to reduce any discomfort or pain to the bare minimum. With this in mind, your dentist will use a numbing agent to protect the extraction site from feeling pain. These agents will numb down or completely remove any pain you might feel and may be combined with sedation for more intensive extractions. For patients with anxiety, many dentists can also use sedation to facilitate a stress-free recovery.

After the tooth is pulled, it’s common to feel pain for a few days while recovering. At this point, the dentist will recommend OTC pain relievers or prescribe you pain medication if needed. If needed, your dentist can also prescribe additional medications to help post-extraction, reducing the risk of inflammation or infection.

The Recovery Process

Following your extraction, expect to experience soreness and swelling for a few days, which is perfectly normal while your mouth heals. Your dentist will give you instructions on what to do at home to help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the risk of any complications. Standard guidelines will be to take OTC pain relievers for the pain and cold compresses for swelling. Most patients may take a couple of days off from work or school to focus on resting and recovering.

Options For Replacing The Extracted Tooth

After your tooth removal, patients ask what happens next. There are many viable options for patients, such as dental implants, dentures, or bridges. At Coastland Dental, we recommend implants since they have a very high success rate and can last for years to a lifetime. Implants also help you keep healthy jaw bone density.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

So if you’re experiencing pain, contact Coastland Dental today. We will always try to preserve your tooth and only recommend extraction as a last resort. Our dentist understands the urgency of an extraction. This is why our Burbank dentist provides same-day emergency appointments. Call Coastland Dental and get treated by one of the best dentists in Burbank.