Tooth decay is not only a health concern, but it can affect your appearance as well. And the longer you wait to receive treatment, the most devastating its effects can be. That’s why we advise having composite fillings or bondings done as soon as you see signs of tooth decay. Your smile will be healthier, and your confidence in it will stay strong.
At Coastland Dental, we dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding care for every treatment we offer. We help you fight against tooth decay in a comfortable and professional atmosphere where you can feel at home. Call us today to get started on improving the health of your teeth!

What are Composite Fillings and Bondings?

Composite fillings are mainly used to repair a tooth that has been affected by decay, small cracks, or fractures. They help restore the damaged tooth and be colored to match the surrounding teeth to look natural. They also serve a protective purpose, restoring your tooth to a healthy state before decay can cause any more damage.
Bondings are similar but are more focused on repairing teeth that have been chipped, stained, or otherwise suffered minor injury. A tooth-colored resin is placed to return fullness to the affected tooth. Both treatments serve both cosmetic and practical purposes. The procedures are quick but deliver lasting results for your smile.

Are is the Process for Dental Fillings and Bondings?

To ensure the comfort of the patient, local anesthetic numbs the target area. Most patients report feeling nothing more than minor sensations or discomfort during the procedure.
The first step to fixing the tooth is to remove the decayed portion. The extent of this step is different for each patient and tooth. Once the decayed part is removed and the tooth is ready, the surface of the tooth is prepared with a solution, creating an ideal area for bonding.
Dr. Arkelakyan then matches a composite with the color of the rest of your teeth. For fillings, dental-grade composite is placed into the target area. For bondings, he layers and sculpts a similar composite onto the tooth.
After the composite is placed, he uses a special light to harden the material for lasting results. The final step is to buff the material to reveal a shining and natural-looking smile.

Is It Painful?

With the anesthetic we use, you should experience no more than minor discomfort. Most patients report feeling no pain at all. If any part of the process makes you uncomfortable, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Caring for Bonding

Both bondings and fillings are meant to last. However, there are a few ways to ensure the longevity of your new smile. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, we have a couple of tips to care for your composite bondings.
  • Stay away from hard or chewy food.
  • Avoid habits that can stain your teeth for at least a couple of days. Examples are coffee and tobacco.
  • No nail-biting!

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