What are dental crowns?

The use of dental crowns occurs when a tooth is severely damaged or decayed. There are two main goals of a crown. One goal is to reinforce and restore the structural integrity of the tooth. The second goal is to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible. Maintaining the original tooth helps prevent the need for a full tooth extraction. Crowns act as an undetectable cap that dentists put on top of the natural tooth.

What is the process of dental crowns?

The first step is having Dr. Artur Arkelakyan perform an oral exam and consultation. Our dentist will go over and review what goals you would like to achieve and see if you are an ideal candidate. Dental crowns are custom made for each tooth. The crown matches the shape, size, and color, so it looks as natural as possible. Once our office takes a mold of your teeth, we will order the custom crowns to later cement in place.

Are There Disadvantages?

As with anything with advantages, crowns do have potential drawbacks. Some disadvantages of crowns include:

  • Out of pocket costs
  • tooth prep needed for the crown
  • Sensitivity requiring root canal therapy
  • Possible recurring decay
  • The need for a future crown remake
  • Crown margins causing gum recession
  • Risk of porcelain fracture
  • Needing the removal of tooth structure

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Like with anything, proper care and maintenance make a vast difference in lifespan. This difference is especially real with crowns. On average, dental crowns can last you around 15 years. With proper care, many patients see their crowns last up to 25 to 30 years.

If one doesn't practice good oral hygiene, expect crown problems. If not careful, crowns can chip and crack. This chip and cracks can lead to increase chances of decay for your tooth underneath. So a replacement crown will become necessary. These potential problems are why our dentist stresses the importance of oral checkups. Our excellent and reliable dentist believes in prevention first.

Does Insurance Cover The Procedure?

Insurance coverage and costs depend on various factors. If someone doesn't have insurance, out of pocket costs are high. If you do have dental insurance, many questions need answering. Such as who is your carrier? What elected coverage do you have? Does your plan have a deductible? Is there a copay with your plan?

Luckily our team at Coastland dental is here to help you navigate the cost and insurance maze. Our Burbank dentist office will help do benefits check if you do have dental insurance. So if you have decayed or damaged, teeth call us today. For many patients, we can save bad looking teeth from extraction. Get seen by us today, so we don't have to pull your tooth out tomorrow in the future.

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