Do Fillings Need to Be Replaced?

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Dental fillings are a common dental tool used to protect your tooth after the removal of tooth decay. While dental fillings are quite sturdy, they will likely have to be replaced at least once during your lifetime. Do Fillings Need to Be Replaced? You can reduce the need for replacement dental fillings by practicing proper … Read more

Tooth Replacement Options After Pulled Tooth

When you have a tooth extracted, it is important to consider how you would like the tooth to be replaced. For your comfort and general well-being, it is usually best to discuss tooth replacement options as soon as it is clear that the tooth needs to be extracted. Let’s look at the tooth replacement options … Read more

How Adult Braces Can Boost Confidence

Getting braces as an adult can feel like a challenge. As a society, we have all of these assumptions about braces and the appropriate time to receive orthodontic care. The truth is that these are fairly meaningless perceptions. Let’s look at how adult braces can boost confidence. How Adult Braces Can Boost Confidence Braces are … Read more

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used to cover and reinforce previously damaged teeth. This practice protects your natural teeth from further damage and provides a strong bite surface. What you may not know is that there are actually several types of crowns. Each has their own uses and strengths. Let’s look at the types of dental … Read more

How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that moves teeth by using a series of clear, acrylic aligners. Each aligner is customized to fit your mouth with very slight differences. These differences apply gentle pressure to teeth that are out of place, coaxing them into alignment. What does that mean though? Exactly how does Invisalign … Read more

Keeping Your Kid Calm at the Dentist

Childhood dental anxiety is a common issue. About 9% of children in the United States experience some fear or anxiety in response to routine dental care. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your child has to fear the dentist or that dental anxiety is somehow unavoidable. Let’s look at how you can try keeping your kid calm … Read more

Dental Implants Care Guide

Dental implants are the most effective tooth replacement option for many patients who have lost teeth due to accident or tooth decay. Their best feature is that they are the only option that connects directly to the jaw bone. This direct connection helps to keep your jaw bone healthy by encouraging your jaw to replace … Read more

Should Invisalign Feel Tight?

Invisalign is a revolutionary technology helping people to achieve their perfect smile without all of the hardware normally associated with orthodontics. By using professionally fitted plastic trays, your Invisalign-trained orthodontist can gradually move your teeth into a position that is better for your smile and your long-term oral health. Should Invisalign feel tight? Should Invisalign … Read more

Matching Veneers to Your Face Shape

Custom veneers are an excellent solution for anyone who wants a complete overhaul of their smile. Veneers are capable of covering everything from discoloration to chipped or misaligned teeth, making them the ultimate choice for a truly transformative smile. For the best results, your dentist will guide you through shade and shape choices, but the … Read more

Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers

Having a great smile isn’t always as easy as brushing twice a day. Lifestyle habits and physical trauma can affect the appearance of your teeth over time. Fortunately, modern dentistry has provided a lot of options to help repair damaged teeth so that you can continue smiling as confidently as ever. Let’s look at teeth … Read more